Sing Praise to the Lord

Sing Praise to the LORD is a musical exploration of the Book of Psalms. All of the choral and vocal texts as well as the underscored narrations are adapted from the Psalms. This provides both listener and performer with an opportunity to contemplate the nature of God and the loving way that he works in our daily lives.

The underscored narrations and vocal solos provide a powerfully emotional contrast to the God-affirming proclamation of the choral anthems. This juxtaposition provides a musical illustration of the structure of many of the Psalms, that is, the contrast between the deeply personal human experience and the sovereignty of God.


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SATB Anthem Bundle

  • Receive all eight individual anthems at the discounted price of $1.00 each when you purchase this anthem bundle!
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Preview Pack

  • Perfect for reviewing Sing Praise to the LORD, preview packs contain a Listening CD and all 8 anthems. Limit one per organization.
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Director's Book

  • This 8.5 X 11 spiral-bound edition contains all of the choral music, narrations, and underscores included in Sing Praise to the LORD.
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  • The orchestration contains the conductor’s score and instrumental parts for the entire cantata.
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Split-Track Accompaniment CD

  • This split-track accompaniment CD contains the orchestration on the left channel and the choir on the right channel. It is used to accompany a live performance.
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  • This CD-ROM includes cover, background, and title images as well as all of the text, lyrics and credits that you will need to easily create customized programs, bulletins, and promotional materials.
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Practice Track CDs

  • Sing Praise to the LORD practice tracks are a set of four CDs (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) that can be duplicated (for $1 per copy) to assist choir members in learning their parts.
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Bulk CDs

  • Purchase ten Sing Praise to the LORD Listening CDs and receive a discounted rate of $7 each.  Listening CDs cost $10 each if you will be purchasing less than ten.
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Listening CD

  • Purchase a listening CD for Sing Praise to the LORD.
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Individual Anthems

  • Purchase individual anthems from Sing Praise to the LORD.
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Individual Underscores

  • Sing Praise to the LORD individual underscores are available for purchase.
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Individual Vocal Solos

  • Individual vocal solos from Sing Praise to the LORD are available for purchase.
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