“The Word Became Flesh” ANTHEM BUNDLE


The Word Became Flesh is a musical exploration of the doctrine of the Incarnation. The musical score is epic in scope and contains a beautiful balance of familiar hymns and Christmas carols with new choral compositions. The underscored narratives are adapted from Scripture and are presented in an accessible and dramatic way.

The work begins with creation and God’s perfect plan for fellowship with mankind. This divine plan, interrupted by The Fall, continues with God promising a Savior who will save His people from their sins. The story ends with a glorious celebration of the birth of this Savior, Jesus, the Word Incarnate.


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“The Word Became Flesh” ANTHEM BUNDLE

Contains all 10 choral pieces.

One of the unique things about The Word Became Flesh is that there are no choral books. Instead, you get all ten (individual) choral pieces in a discounted anthem bundle for only $10.00. This gives you the flexibility to perform these choral pieces individually or as a complete work, as opposed to having them bound together in a choral book.  To buy these anthems individually would cost $19.05, so it’s a significant (47%) savings as well.

If you want to perform The Word Became Flesh as a complete work, then you also need to purchase the Director/Accompanist/Narrator Edition which comes in a spiral-bound 8.5 X 11 format.  This format makes it easy to lay flat on a music stand or piano and is also larger than the standard anthem size (a real life-saver for senior-adult choir members).  This edition contains all of the choral music, under-scores, narrations, as well as director’s notes and suggestions.

Words & Music by:
Dan & Heidi Goeller

Arranged & Orchestrated by
Dan Goeller

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