“Sing Praise to the LORD” LISTENING CD


Sing Praise to the LORD listening CD is a complete demonstration recording of the entire work.

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Sing Praise to the LORD is a musical exploration of the Book of Psalms. All of the choral, solo vocal, and dramatic reading texts are taken from the Psalms. The three underscored dramatic readings, and four vocal solos, are scored in a cinematic style to capture the raw emotion of the text. The eight choral pieces offer powerful and encouraging affirmations of the nature and attributes of God. The eclectic blend of film score, multi-cultural, and traditional styles offer a unique and contemporary perspective on these ancient Biblical texts.

Words and Music by:
Dan and Heidi Goeller
Arranged and Orchestrated by:
Dan Goeller

The Sing Praise to the LORD recording features exquisite performances by The Nashville String Machine and veteran rhythm players David Huntsinger, Dave Cleveland, John Willis, Craig Nelson, and John Hammond. The choir consists of 24 outstanding volunteer singers from eight states. Most of the men are church music directors and the women are all accomplished singers from the Nashville area. Having a chorus of talented vocalists, dedicated to bring these Psalms to life, was one of the highlights of recording Sing Praise to the LORD. The personal dedication and extra effort of the choir resulted in a powerful and poignant rendition of these new choral pieces.

In addition to the eight choral pieces that make up most of Sing Praise to the LORD, the work also features captivating vocal solos and dramatic readings performed by a talented and diverse group of artists from across the country. Heidi Goeller provides an unforgettable Celtic style performance of My Soul Thirsts for You. Melissa Breems expresses the sorrowful tone of Psalm 130 in I Cry to You. Toby Baxley brings a soulful, longing quality to Open My Eyes. The seven last words of Christ are dramatically rendered in Mark Ivey’s rendition of Abandoned. And finally, Darrel Fickbohm brings a wide range of emotions to life in three cinematically underscored dramatic readings.

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