General Questions

General Questions about Dan Goeller Music

How Do I pronounce 'Goeller'?


How do I know what instruments are needed to perform an orchestration?

The orchestration’s cover page (containing the exact instrumentation and credits) is displayed on the product page with the rest of the product information. To view instrumentation for a piece that is offered in both full and chamber orchestrations, click the light-box image below the main product image to see the chamber instrumentation.

Is Dan available as a clinician or a guest conductor?

Yes. If you are interested in having Dan conduct a concert, lead a retreat, or participate in your musical event, please CLICK HERE to submit a questionnaire to Dan so that he can contact you (personally) to discuss the possibility of participating in your event.

How do I commission a new choral anthem or orchestral piece?

For more information about commissioning Dan to compose a new piece for your choir or orchestra, please click on the COMMISSIONS link.

Do you sell sheet music and tracks for the Our Daily Bread Christmas CDs?

Dan Goeller Music sells the complete orchestrations to these vocal songs (which include a piano/vocal score, conductor’s score and all of the orchestral parts).  We also sell piano/vocal versions of the solos and duets, as well as accompaniment tracks for the songs.  The piano/vocal parts and tracks are only available as digital downloads.

Licensing Questions

Questions about licensing purchased works

How do I obtain permission to locally broadcast (i.e. on TV or radio) a performance of a DG Music piece?

To broadcast a song on local or regional television or radio, the license term varies from one (1) month to one (1) year.  Please email DG Music for a fee quote.

How do I obtain permission to make CD copies of one of your recordings for my choir or orchestra members?

If you need to make copies of one or more of the recordings of our print pieces, you may request a Recorded Mechanical License Agreement. Email us at and request our Recorded Mechanical License Agreement. CD copies are $0.091 (per song) per copy—for songs five minutes and under. For example, if you wanted to make ten CD copies of one song, you would owe DG Music $0.91. Songs over five minutes in length are $.0175 per minute rounding up to the next minute. For example, a song that is 6:01 in length would be rounded to 7 minutes and multiplied by .0175). There is also an additional $15 processing fee for each license granted.

How do I obtain permission to make a DVD or VHS copy of a non-commercial performance that includes a DG Music piece?

If you want to make copies of a DVD or VHS audio/video recording of a DG Music piece (for non-commercial use), you will need to obtain a Non-commercial Videogram Synchronization License. The DG Music piece can be an actual “on-screen” performance by an artist or group, or an “off-screen” performance by studio musicians, to serve as background or source music.  The pertinent fees are $.15 per copy, per song for VHS format and $.25 per copy, per song for DVD format.  There is also an additional $15 processing fee for each license granted. PLEASE NOTE: If the original CD recording is used, please contact DG Music first to obtain a Master Use License. Use of a recorded master does require payment of an additional fee based on the type of use.

How do I obtain permission to PodCast a performance of a DG Music piece?

To podcast a DG Music piece, the license term is granted in six-month intervals and will need to be renewed as long as the podcast remains available for download. The fee is $30-$50 per six-month license.

How do I obtain permission to use a DG Music piece in a commercial CD, DVD, movie, or broadcast?

Please contact us by email and we will be happy to negotiate a competitive or statutory-based fee.

Ordering Questions

Questions about ordering from our website

Do I have to pay sales tax?

If you are a tax-exempt organization, you do not have to pay sales tax. If you are an individual or business purchasing products in the state of South Dakota, then you will have to pay 6% sales tax on your order.

How long will it take to receive my music?

Orders are shipped either the same day or the next business day…Monday through Friday. Occasionally, there may be a slight delay in shipping music or recorded products. If this is the case, then you will be notified by email. Unless an expedited shipping service (i.e Fed-Ex Overnight or 2nd Day, etc.) is specifically requested by email, our products are shipped via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail and usually arrive in about three business days.

If I need to pay by check or file a purchase order with my organization when I order, can I place my order without using your PayPal system?

Although PayPal is the most efficient way to purchase our products, yes, established organizations may pay by check. Just select “Check” in the checkout options. You will receive an invoice by email with further instructions from us. We will ship your music within 24-48 hours (just like we do on our PayPal orders). We do NOT accept check payments from individuals– only organizations or businesses. Please note: We charge a $15 late fee on orders where payments by check are not received within 30 days of the date you place your order.

Are your choral anthems or orchestrations available by digital download?

Yes. Once payment is received you will be directed to a link to download your product.

Is there a 40% discount available for dealers?

Dan Goeller Music prefers to sell its music directly to customers. However, if a dealer is interested in featuring a DG Music piece in a reading session or other dealer-sponsored event, then product can be purchased at the standard 40% discounted price. Please contact Dan by email to discuss this option in more detail.

Are Dan Goeller Music products available from any other source?

Not at this time.

Why does my order sometimes arrive in more than one shipment?

Orchestral scores for our large works and large anthem bundle orders are printed (on demand) in Nashville and shipped from there. Recorded products, anthems, and individual orchestrations are shipped from our office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Choir & Orchestra

Questions about Works for Choir & Orchestra

Is there any discount on anthem bundles?

YES! For example, to buy the nine In His Own Words anthems separately would cost $17.55, so the $10.00 anthem bundle price is a 43% savings off the regular individual anthem price. This gives you the flexibility to perform these anthems over and over again individually as opposed to having them bound together in a choral book.

What is the Director/Accompanist/Narrator edition?

Since the choral music, in each of our larger works, is packaged as individual anthems, the director/accompanist/narrator edition contains all of the choral music, underscores, narrations, and director’s notes in an 8.5″ X 11″ spiral-bound edition. This format makes it easy to lay flat on a music stand or piano and is also larger than the standard anthem size (6.75″ X 10.5″).

What is the Organ Supplemental Edition?

The Organ Supplemental Edition provides a customized organ part to be used in any of the following scenarios:
1) You want to use piano, organ synth and maybe some percussion.  The organ will provide some nice sustained texture and color to the piano accompaniment in the Director/Accompanist edition. The organ edition also gives your organist a part to play on a typical Sunday morning where you may only have organ and piano accompanying your service music.
2) You only have the space and budget to hire a chamber orchestra. In this option, the organ will replace the missing trumpet, trombone, and tuba parts and also add depth to the limited number of strings.
3) You have a full orchestra, but you just can’t bear to not have the organist play along to “fatten up” the sound.