Invitation Requests

If you are interested in having Dan participate in your musical event (i.e. conduct a concert, lead a retreat, etc.), please fill out the following form so that Dan can personally contact you to discuss the details. Answering this questionnaire does not obligate you to a definitive commitment, but simply provides us with the information we need to better understand how Dan might be involved in your event.

We request an offer for the honorarium to better understand your budget, needs, and priorities when you submit your information to us. All travel and lodging expenses will need to be covered in addition to the honorarium. Each event is carefully considered and Dan tries to accommodate as many requests as possible.

If Dan is available to participate in your event, then we will submit a written agreement to you that will require your signature and a 25% deposit to secure the date. This written agreement facilitates clear communication between Dan and your organization by specifying each party’s obligations and expectations in writing. If Dan is unable to make it to your event (i.e. travel problems, illness, etc.) then your deposit check will be voided.

Invitation Form